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UPM is an institution that has become a glorious legacy to the history of agricultural education in Malaysia. UPM's agriculture goes through education and research, producing quality human capital, enriching knowledge, exploring various innovations and creating an excellent life.


UPM offers full-time programmes to qualified candidates with STPM/equivalent, Matriculation/Foundation, Diploma/equivalent qualifications as these are entry requirements for its Bachelor Degree. Candidates with SPM/equivalent qualification are eligible to apply for Diploma and Foundation for Agricultural Science programmes.

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UPM offers more than 400 fields of postgraduate study in its effort to transform Malaysia into a higher education hub of excellence at the regional and international level. UPM constantly strives to produce well-balanced students from the academic and ethical aspects. UPM currently has the highest percentage of academicians with PhD in Malaysia. It also provides a conducive environment and invaluable learning experience to its students from more than 60 countries. Those who are interested in postgraduate education programmes (except management) must submit their applications through the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). Students interested in Bachelor and Postgraduate studies through the Distance Learning Programme must apply to UPM Education & Training (UPMET).

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UPM merupakan institusi ilmu yang menjadi legasi gemilang kepada sejarah pendidikan pertanian di Malaysia. Pertanian yang dijulang UPM melewati pendidikan dan penyelidikan, menghasilkan modal insan pertanian yang berkualiti, memperkayakan ilmu pengetahuan, meneroka pelbagai inovasi dan mencipta kehidupan yang cemerlang.

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) gives priority to the students’ essentials and their well-being especially among current students who are studying in UPM. Hence, UPM ensures that it provides an array of technology equipment and facilities in order to guarantee that the students’ welfare is well taken care of. In line with that, various programs and non-academic related activities are carried out so as to provide a conducive environment where students can appreciate quality leisure times and subsequently creating balance between academic achievement, soft skills and sustainable living.

UPM merupakan institusi ilmu yang menjadi legasi gemilang kepada sejarah pendidikan pertanian di Malaysia. Pertanian yang dijulang UPM melewati pendidikan dan penyelidikan, menghasilkan modal insan pertanian yang berkualiti, memperkayakan ilmu pengetahuan, meneroka pelbagai inovasi dan mencipta kehidupan yang cemerlang.
As of February 2013, UPM workforce is made up of 6,555 committed individuals in respective fields. Out of that, over 1,750 staff are academic officers and they include the Adjunct Lectures, Visiting Professors, Special Lecturers and Consultants. Non-academic staff amount to 888 under the Management and Professional services, and 3,498 under the Support services.
Your relationship with the UPM community does not end upon graduation. UPM graduates are welcome to join the UPM Alumni Association, which is dedicated to strengthening the bonds of friendship and networks from a variety of expertise. In fact, many members of the UPM Alumni have been appointed as ambassadors at large for their contributions in their fields, and they have left a big impact on society and the nation and enhanced the university’s reputation at the international level. Since 1971, the UPM Alumni list has grown to an impressive list of 145,000 people - not only in Malaysia, but from all over the world, including Australia, Iran, France, Myanmar and Saudi Arabia. Armed with a desire to foster fraternity with their Alma mater, UPM Alumni have managed to share great ideas and speak critically for the development of a dynamic university in the realisation of our vision and mission. For those interested to find out more information about the UPM Alumni Association, visit the Alumni Centre and the Alumni Association Official Website.
The continued pursuit of excellence in research
In medical faculties of public universities, postgraduate research constitutes a full research degree, namely a Master of Science (MSc) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree (which typically entails a research project that runs the course of 2-4 years, culminating with a written thesis and viva voce) or a Master of Medicine (MMed) degree (a structured training programme of 4 years for medical specialisation) which includes a dissertation component involving original research. These research dissertations are typically narrower in scope and conducted in a shorter period of time compared to MSc and PhD research degrees. The aim of the research component within MMed programmes is to encourage critical thinking and expose medical trainees to scientific practices to advance their areas of specialisation.
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UPMCS and Worldwide Landfills collaborate to produce biochar from wood chips
UPM Consultancy & Services Sdn Bhd (UPMCS) and Worldwide Landfills Sdn Bhd (Worldwide Landfills) signed a Memorandum of Association (MoA) for a consultancy project of biochar production from wood chips.

We would like to inform that Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has officially changed its telephone numbers. For further information, please refer to our entity's websites (Faculty / Centre / Institute / Office / Division / College / Service ) via UPM's official website www.upm.edu.my. Any inquires please contact +603-9769 1000.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please be informed that the UPM Customer Satisfaction Survey can be utilized online since March 26, 2018. This system can be assessed through the link here, using computers and smartphones browser.

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In line with the development of today's technology, UPM is now using a virtual ID for all new students of 2018/2019 to replace the existing student cards.

The first-year students of 2018/19 session will use a smartphone app (for Android and iOS user) and Web Desktop PUTRA® Virtual ID (PUTRA®VID) to manage their identifications when using all campus infrastructures such as ICT application, class attendance, verification as UPM students and others.

This initiative will make use of the development of application based on Internet of Things (IoT) and will become a foundation to the development of a Smart Campus.

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FURTHER INFORMATION: http://etender.upm.edu.my


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